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Mr. Bertoli and his wife Maria Mandelli, the founders of the company, started out in 1952 to work for the wealthy families  in Milan in their upholstery laboratory.

In the sixties the Bertoli founded a company called Full and they worked for the Italian and European market producing internal design furniture for houses, collaborating with famous interior architects like Mazza, Gramigna, Mangiarotti, Venosta  and Pietrantoni.

In the seventies the company started to furnish also hotels as that market turned out interesting for the company.

 In 1987 the eldest son, Marco, joined the company and few years later the company started working in the cruise ships market furnishing loose furniture and bedding.

 The first naval job came in 1989 when the company was asked to furnish the Eugenio Costa.

After that job, orders became more and more important and bigger: the company founded the Caredi Srl to operate in the cruise ships, mega yachts and hospitality markets both for furbishing and refurbishing.

 At the beginning of the new millennium the owners of Caredi  decided to concentrate the company activity in the cruise ships and mega-yachts market and to leave the hospitality.

 Now Marco Bertoli and his wife Cavagna Alessandra are managing the company working together in the new headquarters of Caredi at Desio, on the outskirts of Milan.

 In 2011 the management, analyzing the market opportunities, Caredi history and company capacity, decided to go back in the hotel market and the first order was for an hotel in Switzerland. So the management of the company decided to enlarge the Caredi “core business” re-entering  the hospitality market.

 For Mr. Marco Bertoli and Mrs. Alessandra Cavagna  the mission of the company  is the satisfaction of the customer and to bring the  “made in Italy” abroad.  This is why a Caredi USA LLC was founded in Miami in  May 2011.

 The owners of the company also organize and manage the production department  adopting  updated know how and technology combined  with the handicraft and skills handed down by the founder of the company, Mr. Palmiro Bertoli, to his son Marco, with the generosity and severity of a true master.



Caredi produces curtains, bedspreads, bed skirting, bedheads, armchairs, chairs, sofas, sofabeds, stools, tables, for cabins and public areas of cruise ships as well for hospitality.

Caredi can also provide and sell different kinds of fabrics and leather.

The company architects first elaborate the drawings and sketches sent by the customer, secondly in the technical department the drawings are implemented through two and three-dimensional CAD CAM computer systems directly connected with the automating machines of the carpentery, fabric and leather cutting and needlework  divisions.

This process allows to be IT-connected with the supply chain of all production steps. The use of this technology makes possible to realize drawings, and therefore finished products, with detailed precision.

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Obviously the measures are taken on the ship where the product will be installed as further check before starting with the production.

Before the manufacturing process is starting, there are still some choiches to be taken like the definition with the customer of the raw materials.

We select the best fire-proof fabrics and we have to find the best solutions to match beauty and elegance with safety and practicality.

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For the refurbishment,  also in this case, we still consider all the aforementioned conditions in order to realize a precise, effective and durable intervention.

Caredi Srl is a typical “Italian SME”. In Italy SME companies reach the 99% of the Italian industries market. In term of numbers the 75% of the Italian employees work in this kind of enterprises. SME  companies are really flexible and they can always update themselves for international market transformations. In fact more than 35% of SME companies had started product innovation or process innovation in their companies: the hightest percentage of the European Union. Caredi is proud to be part of this 35%.

Caredi is organized in different divisions.

  • General Administration

  • Sales and marketing department

  • Technical and project Division

  • Needlework Division

  • Upholstery Division

  • Carpentery Division

  • Logystic Division

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For the company the quality control in the production and the corporate management are fondamentals. Following the Italian law,  all the regulations concerning the security in the production departments and during installation on the ships, hotels or in other work sites  are respected.


Obviously the most important purpose for Caredi is the customer satisfaction.

To reach this goal many factors are involved like, general planning, company and production organization, Caredi staff management.

The company culture is also to combine the high technology adopted with the handcraft knowledge handed down from the founder of the company to his son who is managing the company with his wife.

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So, the company tradition with the most advanced technology is a strong key point for Caredi.

All furniture is produced entirely in Italy and this is a characteristic of the company that will never change.

Caredi symbolizes the “made in Italy” for his attention and care for the quality and design of the product as well for the technical characteristics. 

Another key point for Caredi is the importance to work for the customer not only during the supplying but also for the after sale assistance. The customer can always ask Caredi for technical advice or any other information, because the owners of the company believe that their  task is not only  to furnish their customers but give them a 360°  assistance too.

Mr. Bertoli and his wife are very proud to manage their marketing oriented company considering the great importance of the international markets.


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